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Forensic Architecture | Planning | Design

Additional Registrations: 
-  National Council of Architectural Registration Board 
-  LEED Accredited Professional 
-  Registered Disaster Service Worker, California
-  Registered Post Disaster Safety Assessment Program Evaluator Trainer, Los Angeles
-  Construction Document Technologist (CDT), Construction Specification Institute 
-  Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA), Construction Specification Institute
-  LEED Certified by the United States Green Building Council

Professional Affiliations:
-  American College of Forensic Examiners Institute; Member
-  American Institute of Architects (AIA); Fellow
-  American Jail Association (AJA); Member
-  American Correctional Association (ACA); Member
-  Building Enclosure Council (BEC); Past Chairman of Los Angeles AIA Committee
-  Building Enclosure Technology & Environment Council (BETEC); Member
-  Construction Specification Institute (CSI); Professional Member, Past Vice President Board of Directors &
     Present Chairman Education Committee 
-  Federation of Musicians, Local 114; Past Member
-  Forensic Expert Witness Association; Member, Past Vice President Elect, Past Board of Directors & 
     State Board Los Angeles Chapter Representative
-  International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI); Member
-  International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO); Professional Member
-  Los Angeles County Bar Association; Associate Member
-  National Academy of Forensic Engineers; Member
-  National Fire Protection Association (NFPA); Member
-  National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS); Member
-  The Roof Consultants Institute (RCI); Professional Member

Dean J. Vlahos FAIA & Associates is a forensic architecture firm nationally and internationally recognized as construction defect experts, construction defect litigation consultants, and industry expert witnesses.


President, Director of Forensics| Dean J. Vlahos FAIA & Associates

With Dean's expertise in conducting architectural investigations and remedial repairs, he serves as an Architectural Expert Consultant to the legal profession in preparation of Expert Testimony for Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation involving Architect's Standard of Care, Construction Industry Inter-relationships, Building Envelope Design and Analysis and Construction Technology.

Over the past 35 years of architectural practice, Dean has been responsible for all project phases including Design, Project Management, Construction Administration Services and Quality Control Document Review. He has successfully managed projects exceeding 12 million square feet of building program space at an approximate construction value in excess of $11 billion. Dean specializes in architectural investigation of existing buildings to identify building deficiencies, and the preparation of remedial repair documents. The expertise gained from routine detection of construction defects and his in-depth knowledge of building code-compliance affords Dean an acute focus on the performance of building envelope construction. He has investigated and prepared remediation documents for a variety of landmark building types throughout the country.  

Through his pioneering research, material testing, and investigations on landmark projects, Dean is a leading national authority on forensics, building envelope design and construction, building codes, complex construction technology, system analysis, construction industry inter-relationships, enhancing public safety and shares his expertise throughout the profession.  Dean regularly imparts his knowledge on the proper design and construction of building envelopes through interactive workshops and lectures, many of which are sponsored by the American Institute of Architects and the Construction Specification Institute.

In 2010, Dean was elected to the College of Fellows, which is one of the highest honors the profession bestows upon its colleagues.  The Jury of Fellows elevated Dean to Fellowship in the Institute because of his notable contributions to the advancement of the profession of architecture.

Licensed in California, Alabama, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, Texas and Utah.

Construction Defect Expert


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